Photo Projects

Petzval Lens Photos

Joseph Petzval was a German-Hungarian mathematics professor and in 1840 he developed a portrait lens that revolutionized photography. In 2013 the company Lomography successfully launched a crowdfunding campaign to make a new Petzval lens that can be mounted on digital cameras. Pictures taken with this lens have the "defects" of the original lens including an aesthetically pleasing swirly blurry background. It is this "bokeh" that makes Petzval images stand out. I bought an 85 mm f/2.2 Petzval lens for Canon in 2016 and I have used it for portraits, and taken it on local walks and to the Galapagos Islands, South East Asia and most recently to Antarctica.

Infrared B&W Images

Decades ago I used to shoot with black & white infrared film. It was cumbersome to work with and my success rate was low but I had enough interesting images - with the telltale white foliage, inky black skies and an ethereal glow - to make it worthwhile. In today’s digital world, one can just apply an infrared filter that looks pretty good. The other (and I think better) option is to have the filter in front of your camera’s sensor changed from one that only allows light in the visible spectrum to register on the camera’s sensor to a filter that instead allows infrared light to pass. I have had two digital cameras converted by and these cameras re-opened another aspect of photography for me.

Vintage Cameras Photos

While I am fully immersed in the awesome world of digital photography and editing, I have recently returned to film. I have an extensive collection of vintage cameras - many from the early 1900's - and am working to put black and white film through as many of them as I can. At times this is surprisingly straightforward. At times this requires re-spooling still-available 120 film onto different sized spools or even cutting rolls of 120 film to fit smaller cameras.

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