New Photos from Vintage Cameras

Film Isn't Dead - Bring a Vintage Camera Back to Life

I have a collection of more than 30 vintage cameras and three years ago I decided I would try to put film through each of them. Here are some sample photos from a few of them so far. The images are shown first and then a photo of the camera:

  Circa 1915 Folding Ensign 2 ΒΌ B

  Circa 1945 Kodak Jiffy Six-20 Series II

  Circa 1938 Kodak Baby Brownie

  Circa 1929 Vest Pocket Kodak Model B

  1926 ANSCO No 1A folding bed camera

Do you Recognize these People?

I found a Roll of Film that is Maybe 60 Years Old

I found a 60 year old roll of film in a camera I bought! I felt I owed it to the photographer before me to get the film developed. I sent it off to Film Rescue International and they were able to recover all 8 images from the film. Does anyone know who these folks are? The camera is a Vest Pocket Kodak Model B and I purchased it in late 2019 on eBay from a reseller based in the USA (New England maybe). I emailed them about the film but never heard back. Looks like I have more digging to do.

Bill's Film Archives

Film Images from my Archives

I began taking photos in earnest in the late 70's and I shot film until 2004 when I went digital. I am slowly scanning old negatives and photos of my earlier work. Here are just a few images with many more to come. Please check back in early 2021.

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